Founded in 1940, PENTEX is now a diversified lubricant manufacturing company marketing products in the automotive, industrial and agricultural sectors. In the last 70 years, our business philosophy has been to give our customers best value for money, provide personalised server while maintaining the highest code of business ethics.

Over the years the PENTEX family (as we fondly call it) has grown into a large well knit organisation, with sales depots in all eastern states, and numerous C & F agents, distributors, stockists and dealers. We at PENTEX have kept ourselves abreast of the latest technological advancements in the lubricant sector, and have full fledged R & D facilities to develop new products and upgrade existing ones. The result of this commitment to quality are evident in the launching of STAR TRACK GREASE, a complex heavy duty grease multipurpose grease, the finest available in India.

PENTEX has a very wide product base, covering almost every facet of lubricant application in the automotive and agricultural sectors. Apart from engine oils, gear oils, greases and brake fluids, specialities such a cycle oil, coolant, shock absorber oil, etc, are also manufactured. Most of all we treasure our relationship with the end user which is based on value and trust.

The Company has strong vertical sourcing and imports most of its base oils from the Middle East & Europe. Most Petrochemicals & addictives are sourced from Blue Chip Indian manufacturers.

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