Name :  Rust Prevention Oils
Description :


PENTEX RP 100 and 110 are rust preventive oils designed for temporary protection of metal parts during manufacturing and storage. These oils share a common oil-based additive system. PENTEX RP 110  contains a solvent.

PENTEX RP 100 is formulated with an effective rust inhibitor package and a low viscosity paraffinic base oil for ease of application by dipping, spraying or brushing to provide excellent metal wetting and water  displacing properties. 

PENTEX RP 110 contains an effective rust inhibitor with paraffinic base oil in a solvent to provide a "drier" film after solvent evaporation.

PENTEX RP 110 may be applied by dipping, spraying or brushing, and provides excellent metal wetting and water displacing properties. 

PENTEX RP 100 and 110 are used for temporary rust protection of  Semi-finished or finished metal parts and assemblies.

PENTEX RP 100 and 110 may be used for water displacement after Machining operations with aqueous cutting fluids, and where a high degree of prevention of fingerprint or perspiration acid corrosion is needed.

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