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PENTEX NEAT Cutting Oils are non-staining, inactive oils formulated for a wide range of applications on non-ferrous as well as many ferrous metals. These products differ in viscosity and functional EP characteristics to provide optimum performance in the applications for which they are intended. They are formulated with no chlorinated compounds.

PENTEX NEAT CUTTING OILS are primarily recommended for all machining operations on aluminum and magnesium and their alloys. This light viscosity product has additional applications in deep drilling and the honing of steel, cast iron and alloyed copper. It can also be used in automatic screw machines on non-ferrous metals and some free-machining steels where the requirements are not severe.

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PENTEX AUTOMOL SC - 50 N is a conventional emulsifiable oil that will readily mix with water to produce a stable emulsion. This is a heavy-duty soluble oil which combines the superior cooling characteristics of a conventional emulsifiable oil with the anti rust and anti-corrosion properties of a lubricating oil.

PENTEX AUTOMOL SC - 50 N is recommended for milling,  turning, drilling and other metalworking operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals where emulsifiable oils are preferred. Due to excellent cooling properties, it is also a preferred grinding coolant. In addition to forming very stable emulsions, they can be used in many machining operations where the lubrication requirements are severe. It is well suited for automatic screw machines where a single cutting fluid may be required to function in a wide variety of operations involving both non-ferrous and  ferrous metals.

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PENTEX HONING OIL is a light-bodied coolant compounded with suitable oiliness and other agents to meet the critical requirements of honing and lapping operations. It contains a natural ester which has been widely accepted in the honing industry.

PENTEX HONING OIL is specifically designed for use as a  honing fluid for ferrous and some nonferrous metals where a neat fluid is recommended.

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PENTEX QUENCHING oils are designed especially for the heat treatment of steel in a wide variety of quenching operations. 

PENTEX QUENCHING oils give superior service where a medium-to-fast rate of quench is desired. The uniform heat dissipation property of these fluids allows for a quality hardened metal.

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