Name :  Gear Oil
Description :

PENTEX GEAR OILS are designed for extra-duty service in a wide variety of industrial applications where extreme pressure conditions prevail.

PENTEX EP GEAR OILS have been formulated to meet recognized industrial gear oil requirements including U.S. Steel Requirement 224, AGMA EP (250.04). They are recommended for lubrication of plain and antifriction bearings and gear drives that operate under extra-heavy-duty conditions.

Typical applications are steel mills, rubber mills, and similar heavy industries where ambient conditions include water, dirt, and scale. Boundary lubrication regimes are successfully controlled by these lubricants.

PENTEX EP GEAR OILS are formulated for the lubrication of industrial spiral, bevel, helical, spur and herringbone gears. They are especially well-suited for use in multiple gear drives that operate at greatly increased pressure between the surfaces of the gear teeth or where severe shock or overloads are encountered.

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PENTEX Cylinder Oils are compounded lubricants designed primarily for specific use in steam cylinders, gas compressor cylinders, and worm gear drives. 

APPLICATIONS : PENTEX Cylinder Oils are recommended for the lubrication of steam Cylinders over a wide range of operating conditions and steam quality.

Both grades are widely used as lubricants for gas compressors having separate cylinder lubrication. They are especially recommended where wet conditions exist in these cylinders.

Because of their compounding, both grades may be utilized in certain types of worm gear drives. 

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