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Pentex Lithium EP Grease - 0, 1, 2 

These greases are premium Lithium Hydrostearate soap based greases incorporating special extreme pressure additives, suitable for multipurpose use in industrial environments. They are dedicated for use in boundary lubrication conditions requiring grease lubrication of rolling and sliding elements found in steel, paper, tyres, cement mining and construction industries.

Their outstanding load carrying ability makes them tailor made for usage in ancillary equipment operating in severe environments such as electric motors and gear couplings. Additionally, these greases have superior mechanical stability which resists grease softening and consequent loss of lubrication performance and leakage. They have excellent water wash out characteristics which is specially useful for environments involving moisture and water splash such as tea machinery. They provide improved protection against rust and corrosion and have high oxidation stability.

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Pentex Tea Mech Grease

This product has been engineered to dedicated use in the Tea Industry . It is custom - designed for application in high output CTC machines, which are subject to continuous use and frequent water washings.

This product can readily replace Lithium Grease (Multi Purpose ) that are generally employed in CTC Machines presently. This provides the user with an enormous cost advantage without sacrificing performance in any manner. The special processing technique employed to manufacture this product ensures an exceptionally high dropping point for a Calcium base grease, this in turn, ensures proper lubrication on continuous service even in the presence of steam and water. "TEA MECH " is  sufficiently tacky to provide continual adhesion to the surface applied, and does not separate when subjected to centrifugal forces and high frequency vibration. Furthermore, the product exhibits excellent resistance to water washout, which is of paramount importance, in the tea industry 

"TEA MECH" is fortified to provide good oxidation resistance which increases service life and decreases product deterioration.

DOWNLOAD : Complete Product Data Sheet
Pentex Tea Mech Grease  ( .Pdf format 20 Kb)

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